Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review of Texas Haven

by Kathleen Ball

Everything in Annie Douglas' life has taught her that men can’t be trusted. Although Burke is big, strong, and not seemingly gentle, Annie feels drawn to the handsome Texas cowboy. Upon discovering Burke’s advertisement for a wife, Annie shyly asks if he might consider her. Burke Dawson wants children; unfortunately, that also includes a wife. His first wife was a citified hellcat who stole half of his ranch. Now Burke’s determined to find an honest country girl with no expectations of love. Misunderstandings, accidents, and treachery leads to Annie leaving shattered and alone. Can their shaking start lead to the possible loving relationship they both desire but neither is sure of?

It has been a long time since I have read a classic romance novel as I normally stick to Christian novels. I enjoyed this book immensely and did find that Annie and Burke both breathed sincere prayers a few times. Annie was adamant about remaining a virgin until marriage. Warning: they are newlyweds who are extremely attracted to each other and there are a few steamy love scenes between Annie and Burke after they are married. 
Annie had been abused, unloved, and unwanted all her life and all she wants is love. Can she and Burke overcome their differences? Will Burke ever stop comparing her to the vixen he was married to before...the one who left him, broken hearted? Will the ex-wife, Alice, ruin their chances for love? Can they ever have a peaceful, loving home amid the sprawling Texas ranch land? Read this one and find out for yourself. I hope that you will enjoy this novel as much as I did.

About the Author:

Kathleen Ball can easily read a book a day. She loves any type of romance novel, especially Western Romances.  Kathleen lives in Ft. Worth, Texas with her wonderful husband.  She has one son, a Marine.   Originally from Rochester, New York, Kathleen finds Texas culture amazing. The more she immerses in it the more she likes it.   You can get to know more about her at her website:

I received a free ebook of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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