Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review of The Random Acts of Cupid

By Amanda Tru

Elise Hutchins has a secret. She likes to anonymously play matchmaker for people she doesn’t really know. But when lawyer Ryan Jenkins discovers she’s Seattle’s Cupid, he thinks her methods are deceptive and she shouldn’t be interfering in the lives of others. Now Elise has 24 hours to present her case and prove her character to Ryan. Otherwise, he will reveal her secret and ruin her reputation along with possibly all of the good she’s done. Will following her around on her Cupid errands change his mind about her? And, in the end, will Elise sacrifice her own chance at love to make one final match for her best friend?
My Review:
What a sweet Valentine's Day love story!  I read this in one sitting as I was eagerly reading to see if Elise could convince Ryan of her good character in spite of her deceptive acts as Cupid.  It was very intriguing to see the ways that Elise had worked her magic to assist so many people in finding love and happiness.   I loved this book. I was sick while reading it and it gave me something joyful to think about while fighting illness.  I finished this book with a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes and I think you will too!

I was given a free ebook by the author in exchange for my honest review.  

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  1. Great review, Rhonda! It sounds like a sweet story!


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