Monday, September 17, 2012

Review of Doing Well at Being Sick

by Wendy Wallace

Based on her twenty-year journey through chronic illness, Wendy Wallace shares practical suggestions for dealing with illness, helping others understand the struggles of the chronically ill, changing personal attitudes, navigating the medical system, and relying on God for strength. She encourages her readers to draw as much as they can from modern medicine but focuses on truths about life, death, joy, pain, and eternity. The author reminds the chronically ill to keep their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves in balance while facing the daily challenges of loving others, working with vast medical bureaucracies, and growing in their relationship with God.
My thoughts after reading Doing Well at Being Sick:
Wendy Wallace is truly an inspiration to readers.   Having chronic illness myself and being forced to quit teaching at age 49 and go on disability was very discouraging.  I actually am dealing with grief at the things my illnesses have "cost me" or caused me to give up. Wendy knows what I'm feeling and she discusses feeling the same things in her book as she deals with her own private health issues.   She gives wonderful counsel on how to use your energy wisely, plan for bad days, be productive on good days, navigate the medical system, communicate effectively with medical professionals, accept help from friends and family, save our energy, and more.    This book made me feel some hope and it made me feel like I'm not alone in this.    She also addresses how to pray and rely on scripture to get through each day as well as how to incorporate fun and relaxation into each and every day.  I highly recommend this book to others who are dealing with chronic illness for themselves or family members they care for.   
Wendy's website and blog:
To read a bonus chapter on how to eat well for your health:
About the Author: 

Wendy Wallace has to endure the following list of health problems, many on a daily basis: 
lupus, heart disease and five heart attacks, gall bladder disease, lung cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, repeated skin cancers, debilitating arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, chronic spinal disc problems, GERD, gastroparesis, bursitis, loss of balance due to inner ear damage, tendon and muscle tears, double vision, Sjogren’s syndrome, endomitosis, Plantar fascitis, deQuervain’s syndrome, tendinitis, asthma, Morton’s neuromas, sclerotic mesenteritis, trigeminal neuralgia, and a host of other ailments.
God blessed Wendy and Rick with two children, Carey and Mark, who have also walked through much more than most young people their age and grown accordingly in their faith and their abilities to help others through similar trials. They are  grateful for this family he has allowed us, despite the illness that has been a constant visitor in their home. 

I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and Discovery House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.   

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