Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anessia's Quest by Karen Arnpriester Book Review

Anessia's Quest:

 Restoration of a Shattered Life, Fulfillment of a Profound Destiny

By Karen Arnpriester
Follow the life of a young girl into adulthood. Celebrate the journey and her choices that change a heartbreaking situation into a glorious life of love, truth, compassion, and joy.   Pagne finds the love of God and the support of her Heavenly Angel through life's emotional roller coaster.  An angel that protects, leads and assures Pagne that she is not alone by using an unusual method of communication (assaulting and delighting the senses).    Pagne shares healing, tears, and laughter with a group of broken people that become her family.   She discovers the purpose of her life and the revelation of God's destiny for her.  Pagne will eventually understand the powerful ripple she created as she lived her life.   She was not an accident, she was placed on Earth with divine intent.
This book was quite different from other Christian fiction I have read and I highly recommend it to readers.   It is a story of abuse, pain, alcoholism, drug abuse, abandonment, foster homes, group homes, and then of hope, forgiveness, love, compassion, and God's healing, and provision of Guardian Angels for us.    Reading this book made me feel hopeful and joyful !    I celebrated with Pagne (short for "Champagne", due to her mother's love for liquor) and cried tears of sadness right along with her. Pagne endured much but seemed to have such resilience and strength about her.  Her guardian angel helped her and comforted her as well as other characters in the story.     This book is worth the time!    Definitely spend some time reading this one soon!   
About the Author
Karen Slimick Arnpriester is a graphic artist, wife, and mother, who lives in central California. She has four adult children, seven grandchildren, and three dogs.   Karen and her husband, Don, made the decision to become foster parents, and are thrilled to be parenting two daughters.   Karen looks forward to sharing her imagination and faith with readers through her writing.
I received a free copy of Anessia's Quest from the author, in exchange for my honest review.   


  1. Rhonda~ Beautiful review! This is my next book to read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks, Nancee, you will love this book!!! let me know what you think when you finish it!

  3. Thank you so much taking the time to read my book. I wanted to share the joy and love that does still exist. To bring hope to those who feel that life is pointless. We each have divine intent. No one is a mistake.
    Karen Arnpriester

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