Monday, May 7, 2012

Memorial Garden to Mama Dorothy "Dot" Hall

Memorial Garden to my dear mom-in-law, Dorothy Marietta MacDonald Hall, who passed away in August 2011.    

She loved her plants, especially her irises so we dug up some of each color of her specimens from her garden and added them to a special memorial garden in our yard and at our front deck.  We also used the flower boxes that Harry & I made for her to add to our deck and bought flowers (verbena, zonal geraniums, and  a dahlia) from Anderson's Country Market in Madison Heights Va (the owners are Evangeline and John Anderson and they sell locally grown plants)...they also sell delicious Amish/Mennonite products...many from local farms and deli/meats/cheeses/fudge,etc from PA and Ohio Amish country businesses.   

When Mama Hall had to go to Westminister Canterbury this past summer for some rehab, we went every day and took her out for a walk.   We went thru the Nature Trail this particular evening.     I miss her so much!    This is my honey of a hubby, Harry Ross Hall, with his sweet mom.  He was her "baby boy"!   

Harry built this bird feeder for his mom many years ago and she also took great delight in feeding all the critters...birds, squirrels, bunnies, deer (she piled up her apples to make it easy for them to come eat the fallen cute!), and any others she happened we're making sure we feed the animals for her too!  

These are the flower boxes we made for mama Hall Christmas 2005, Harry built them and I painted them for her.    
Getting one of sister-in-law, Diane's, irises...she told Harry to get one of these by her horse barn to add to our garden for mom 

 mama Hall's collection...this is just one small cluster in her garden at her home beside us

This is my mini-rose bush that Harry gave me last year for Mother's Day...all abloom!   love roses!
Put these beautiful bright purple irises on the side of the house too!

Harry added a ramp to our deck and made this space for our memorial garden.

It is looking great with color.  I also added a huge geranium as they are supposed to repel mosquitoes.  I have several geraniums in the flower boxes on deck too

Still have work to do...need some more mulch on it.  I went out and put Epsom salts water on the rose bushes and then added Miracle Grow to everything late tonight.  
zonal geranium & dahlia

zonal geraniums and verbena


My honey bun of a gardener...he wouldn't let me touch them as he was working cause some poison ivy was in with them grass around some of Mama's irises and I break out if I get near to poison ivy!   

This is also a verbena from Anderson's Country Mkt

the window flower boxes we made for Mama Hall and now have on our deck with pretty flowers in her memory

    Verbena, zonal geraniums, and dahliettas were added to the 3 boxes from Anderson's Country Market in Madison Heights VA.  
This is the dahlietta....I love it!  so unusual!
love and miss you, Mama Hall.....we know you are smiling down from heaven at the work we have done with the flowers and birds.   Blue birds are in our blue bird house too!   

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